This is a picture of a garburators.

If you’ve recently been having trouble with your garburator, and looking for a service provider in in the Delta, Ladner, or Tsawwassen area, look no further. Perhaps your food waste disposer has stopped working all together or water is building up. We can provide services to repair or replace your garbage disposer.

What to Know About Garburators

Garburators are plumbing systems used to eliminate and shred food scraps into much smaller pieces and wash them down the drain in your sink. These plumbing units are connected to your drain underneath your kitchen sink. The shredded food scraps pass through the pipes with the help of water. There are many benefits of a garburator. Utilizing a garbage disposal is more environmentally friendly than using paper or plastic to dispose of all of your waste or having the waste end up in a landfill. Disposing appropriate food waste can also create a hygienic and better smelling environment by decreasing the amount of leftovers sitting in trash bags in your home.

Why a Garburator May Not Work

If your garburator has recently been making a strange noise or no longer turns on, give us a call to discuss our services. Your unit could be jammed, which happens quite frequently. A humming noise will come from the system when the motor is running but the grinding system is not working. The unit may also function poorly if you do not run enough water to help flush out the waste. If the unit does not turn on at all, it may need to be reset, indicate an electrical problem, or the system is locked up. Hiring a plumbing professional may also be necessary if there is a water leakage in the pipe or if the system has just reached its end.

Prolong the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

A food disposal system can get clogged or not work properly for a variety of reasons. Not all food products can be put down the disposal system. A garburator slices up the food you wash down when it is functioning normally. You should avoid putting coffee grounds, oil and grease, pasta, potato peels, or eggshells down your garbage disposal. These items may get stuck in the unit and cause buildup. Running your disposal regularly, cutting your waste into smaller pieces, and grinding food thoroughly can help prolong your systems life and reduce the risk of problems. You can also run cold water to harden the waste so the garburator can easily grind and push it down the pipe.

Why to Hire a Professional

If your garburator has become jammed or clogged and you need a plumbing service, we provide superior maintenance in the Delta and surrounding area. Attempting to repair or replace your own garbage disposal system can be dangerous and complicated. We can inspect your garbage disposal and determine whether it can be repaired or will need to be replaced. Give us a call today to schedule a visit or discuss the costs associated with garburator repair or installation.

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