Leak Repairs and Leak Detection

This is a picture of a leak repairs and leak detection.

Leaks can cause major problems in your home and be a constant nuisance. Whenever moisture accumulates in your home it can lead to mold, which creates an even bigger and more expensive problem. Piping runs throughout a residential home or office building. Our skilled team has the experience and capacity to detect and repair any leaks throughout your piping. It’s difficult to locate a water leak, so we recommend working with an experienced professional for all of your plumbing work. We are also able to provide a re-piping service if your old system has become old, corrosive, or in need of constant repair.

Leak Detection

Delta Plumbing Pros personnel have specialized equipment, such as listening tools that allow us to locate a leak’s exact location. You may have been wondering if you have a leak in your home, and how you can tell. A high water bill or evidence of water damage is an indicator that you may have a water leak. You may also find that your toilet is always running or the indicator on your water meter is consistently moving. Our Delta leak detection services can locate leaks using technology that will keep your walls or floors from being damaged.

If You Have a Leak

There are steps to take and actions to avoid if you detect a leak before calling a professional to come assess and repair the problem. You may want to call your utility center to have them mark any piping systems they may have on your property. It’s also important to understand that the age of your home impacts the integrity of your systems, and need to be considered before making alterations. We also recommend you do not dig on your own at the leak location, as you can end up causing further damage or new damage to surrounding units.

Slab Leak Repair

In addition to finding the leak location, our licensed and experienced Delta plumbers can do the repairs on the spot. These repairs also include slab leak repairs. Slab leaks are a result of a faulty water line beneath the slab, and can be quite a disruptive repair. Many factors can damage your water line, including your house settling or freezing weather. You can look out for cracks in the walls or floors, or a moldy odor coming from the carpet, as these are indicators for a slab leak. These leaks can happen at any point along your water line, and can be difficult to pinpoint. Our technicians will use the latest technology to detect the leak and the most efficient method to repair your water line.

Why Hire a Professional

Leaks can often be difficult to detect, and may require specialized equipment. Professionals have the necessary training to utilize equipment, and complete the job safely and efficiently. We specialize in leak detection and provide a range of services, including optic borescopes, moisture probing, and thermal imagine. Give us a call as soon as you suspect a leak, and we will come out immediately for leak detection and repairs to ensure your unit will not sustain further damage.

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